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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Prince Charming... wherefore art thou? (Tales of an inside boy & an outside boy)

This is my cat Alfie... he's got big baby blues, mostly adorable, totally spoilt and very intelligent (hmm such a proud mother am I). So he loves to stand and peek out of the window at the world. Am not sure how it happened, and perhaps in kitty life as in ours, it was love at first site. A passing ginger kittyman espied my babe. Their days were punctuated by one looking out, or the other looking in. I say WAS because the people who owned Ginger upped and left, and left him behind - such charmers they were - and the person who owned the house gave him to her mother (glad to hear he got a nice home after being dumped!!) So Alf & Ginger were not to be.

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