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Saturday, July 31, 2010


I went to see Inception today, and whilt I enjoyed it, it really was a bunch of baloney! I think it was trying to be too clever and just kinda lost me. Maybe I was distracted by the eye candy! There are some really handsome men in it, some gorgeous scenery shots, and a lotta good action scenes. But other than that, we've all seen the Matrix/Flatliners.

It's possible I just missed the point and maybe need to watch it again? I just didn't really get why you would go into someone's dream subconcious to plant an idea when there are surely so many easier ways to achieve subliminal advertising.

I do however like some of the messages - the dreamworld is highly underrated. I know my dreams can be pretty intense. I think I'd have to give it 4 out of 10... maybe 5 at a stretch.

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